Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Production & Quality

Maintaining purity and quality in your DEF is essential to extending the life of your SCR system's filtration units and injectors. Purity and quality is the top priority for the Vision Premium DEF brand and each manufacturing plant works diligently to ensure a clean production facility and that the proper prill and water is used to create the best product for your equipment.

API Certified

Our manufacturing plants work tirelessly to keep potential contaminates out of our facilities, segregating non-DEF activities from our DEF activities whenever possible helps to reduce the incidence for contamination. We also maintain a closed system from the production of our water to the blending process to fill of containers with the goal of eliminating exposure to air and the contaminates found in the air. By limiting the time that product is exposed to the outside environment, our plants are able to maintain the highest quality and purity levels.